Values In Business Series:
What kind of sales culture
do you want to establish?

This series is meant to open up a discussion and help to reflect upon randomly selected parts of your company through the lens of values.

How is your sales department evolving?

How do the times we live in influnce the way we look at our employees and our customers? Do you feel the influnce of the WHY question and the values that are fueling it?

I have chosen a very specific video where we are confronted with the side of capitalism that is underneath most of the problems we are facing today as society. Yes, a company has to have a model to sustain itself and yes, there should be incentives how to get business done, but when is it too much. Does your company have clear boundaries to work within? Or can they be streched day by day, so that down the line the company is transformed into something that you would have never stood behind to start with? Reflect on the progress of values or the watering down effect of time in your company.

How does the video impact you? Would you be able to work in such a company? Share you insights…

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