Find your core values

The Game of Values is here to facilitate a honest and fun conversations about our values, which in turn helps us make better, more informed decisions–both in our lives and in society.

It is a card game to get you in touch with your own values, as well as the values of people most important to you. I would like to present to you a fun and easy game to spend some quality time with your friends, family, partner and colleagues. Want to play it by yourself, no problem, we have options for that.

You can download the free PDF’s & instructions or buy it.

While playing ‘a round’, you’ll dive into meaningful conversations about values and win points by guessing the values of other players. No distractions, no phones, only genuine attention for each other.

The better we understand the values that guide us and share them with the people around us, the easier it will be to build a better future together! In the upcoming decades, we have the opportunity to change the way we interact and live with ourselves, the people around us, and our planet. However, for this transformation to occur – we need to get clear on our values. Game of Values gives you a means to do this. Reflect on your values in a fun way and create the internal shift we need with the people you hold dear!

What a great way to spend the weekend 😉 and if you came acros a new way how to play it, plese share it with us…

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