Constructing systems that can die a graceful natural death

business death

I would like to argue that the current state of affairs seems to be that companies and institutions are not able or willing to die, they stay with us as unuseful reminders of their glory days. We hold on to their constructed truths and beliefs, like a drunk person to a fence. The pinnacle of this can be seen in the way owners, managers and priests of the systems that are becoming obsolete, use the situations at hand. We are witnessing the misuse of influence and power to keep the systems running and milk them for as long as possible into private pockets. The majority of the big institutions and companies are in this position. We need transcendent transformation, but we cannot do it with the same way of thinking. To know when is the right time to exit and give way for the arising of the new realities is the most important part of it all.

Birth, life, death…

In most cases the birth part and early life in these systems are created by the ideas of the visionaries and leaders who gave all of what they had to make it happen. And everyone who has had some experience with making ideas reality, knows how hard it is to keep your feet firmly on the ground and not get carried away from the organizing idea by the growth and expansions – how to constantly reflect and keep on asking, why did it all come to be? Only in systems that have been able to be true to it’s origins, we can see the grace of accepting when the time has come, to go peacefully and with dignity into the next stage whatever it might be.

An example could be plastics. It gave us so many possibilities and use cases, but we didn’t let it die the moment we saw the dangers it brought with it. The next generation of these products is here already for quite some time. Non-toxic, sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so why are we still polluting our bodies and environment with the old products? Why didn’t we have 30 years ago a 5 year plan to ban the use of all non biodegradable/toxic plastics? Research grants, incentives, promotional campaigns, subsidies, could have been implemented long time ago to develop new ideas and change the system. There is so much potential to tap into and solve it all.

What would need to happen that a company could just die, when the current way of working is not beneficial anymore in an absolute scheme.

From a caterpillar to a butterfly. Without the manipulations and lobbying that is happening in today’s world. The needs of the butterfly are different and there is no need to keep holding on to the old that is not working. How can we break these cycles? How would it be if the new system could freely choose which parts of the old system are wise to keep and which not – out of necessity, not because someone says it has to stay. If the management or the owners are not capable of the tasks of transformation, who can lead the way?

What need to happen to create a culture of transcendence, where we understand the needs and desires, include the good parts and discard the bad and obsolete parts without lingering over the past like vultures over their pray. A culture of living truths and not created concepts on paper that we hold on to.

What can you do?

Find environments where you will be met with the support, tools and challenges to figure what it’s all about and then; who knows? Maybe you can create something, that can die with dignity and a legacy to look up to. No pressure 😉

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